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Lifestyle Package

Pure New Mum

"Aside from new babies, new mothers must be the most beautiful creatures on earth." Terri Guillemets

The New Mum Lifestyle Package is a post natal reconditioning program to help regain fitness and strength lost in pregnancy. We can help new mums or mums of young children to get their body back!

Post pregnancy we can be left with a body that is unrecognisable to us and our energy levels are at an all time low.

There can also be many other post partum problems such as tight and weak muscles, lower back pain, pelvic instability, postural problems and urinary stress incontinence.

First of all it is vitally important to re-establish and then strengthen your deep abdominal muscles (transverse abdominals-TVA), and re-train the pelvic floor. This is especially important if diastasis recti (a prolonged separated of the abdominal muscles) has occurred.

We help solve these unique problems that new mothers face in a safe and very effective way.

Let Pure help get your body back!

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