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Lifestyle Package

Pure New Start

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step” Lao Tzu

The New Start Lifestyle Package is for anyone who is starting exercise for the first time or want to restart exercise after a sedentary period.

Even if you have never formally exercised before, it’s never too late to start or too late to reap the many benefits that exercise provides

This also suits any woman that has or is currently going through a period of stress or difficult time and wants a new focus and new start.

The premise is when you have a realistic exercise plan and goal to work towards self belief increases and confidence grows. As confidence grows you will be more motivated to workout and massive results will come more easily. This positive state of mind and circle allows all possibility in all areas of life.

Sometime life events can knock us off balance, lower confidence and affect our health, preventing us from our following our desired path.

All sessions are gradual, enjoyable and work within your bodies own capabilities

Let Pure get you back on track!

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