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Claire Spurway

Claire Spurway

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Meet Claire Spurway BSc (Hons) - Founder/Pure Athlete

Claire has been an athlete for over twenty years and has an overwhelming passion for sport, health and fitness.

Her main sport is sprinting, 100m and 200m, and is training to the highest level alongside Olympic gold medallists, World Class coaches and therapists, at UK Athletics High Performance Centres and Worldwide. Competing in European races, Olympic, European and World Trials. This has given Claire first-hand experience of all aspects of training and nutrition and how to get results fast.

Educated as a Sport Scientist at Loughborough University and with thousands of hours spent training a diverse range of clients over the years has given Claire enhanced knowledge of what truly gets results and a highly developed intuition of what a person’s body needs.

Claire’s training philosophy is based on science and athletic performance but also other elements from kinesiology, eastern philosophies, meditation, psychology, raw living, spiritualism, pure and natural nutrition, plus creativity to bring a truly unique experience. These essential elements are drawn together but presented in a simple way to help reach any goal.

Pure Fitness was founded in 2006 with an ambition to empower as many people as possible to reach their own maximum health and wellbeing in the most efficient and effective way while making fitness simple. To do this Claire created Pure Lifestyle Packages and Pure Clubs which consistently produce fantastic results with clients at all levels.


Claire’s premise that underlies her fitness training is:

Balance the body (structural/hormonal) and balance the mind (stress levels).

Train appropriately for desired outcome (train smart).

To do the above add correct nutrition (natural foods/good digestion) and recovery (sleep) for energy and repair.

This process should be continually assessed, and modified appropriately to get results.



Paul Chek ,  Deepak Chopra, Paulo Coelho, The Gerson Institute, Joseph McCellan, , Charles Poliquin, Tony Robbins and JH Tilden.

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